Gas Prices

California’s highest-in-the-nation gas prices are increasing the price of everything we buy. Josh will work to fix this by pushing legislation to suspend the gas tax and provide relief to hard working Californians.


The politicians in Sacramento went on a spending binge this year with a $100 billion budget surplus, despite warnings from economic experts that it would make inflation worse. Josh supports fighting inflation by reducing spending, cutting waste and abuse in state government, and lowering taxes.


Josh opposes the soft-on-crime policies coming out of the State Capitol that have made our neighborhoods less safe. He believes it is past time to restore accountability in our criminal justice system by repealing Prop. 47 and ending the early release of criminals. That is why he is the only candidate endorsed by local law enforcement including the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Association, the Folsom Police Officers Association, and the Sacramento Police Officers Association.


Josh believes that California’s housing first approach to homelessness fails to prioritize the mental health and substance abuse issues that keep people in a cycle of homelessness. Josh will push for a comprehensive audit of all homelessness spending in California to identify the programs that work and divest from the programs that don’t. He also supports making our public spaces safer by clearing encampments near parks, schools, and daycare centers.

Small Business

Josh is a strong supporter of small business and has spent his career fighting harmful laws like AB 5. He believes we can improve our economy and boost job creation by slashing harmful regulations that have made us one of the least friendly states for business in the entire country. That is why he is supported by the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.


Josh led the fight in his community to reopen schools and his district was the first in Sacramento County to bring kids back to in-person instruction. As a father of three kids in public schools, he believes that we can fix our education system and better serve California families by putting students first, empowering parents, providing school choice, and restoring local control.